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The Name Remains The Same - TYA
The new TYA live album "The Name Remains The Same" is released 26 January 2015

Tracks: Sugar The Road - One Of These Days - I'm Coming On - Nowhere To Run - Me & My Baby - Standing At The Station - I Say Yeah - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Help Me Baby - I'm Going Home - Choo Choo Mama

Bonus Track: Love Like A Man


24.01.2015 D-ERFURT, HSD
Juri-Gagarin-Ring 150, 99084 Erfurt, Germany
Website: www.pop-ludwig.de
25.01.2015 D-DORTMUND, Piano
Adress: Lütgendortmunderstrasse 43, 44388 Dortmund, Germany
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Website: www.musiktheater-piano.de
Tickets: http://www.ticketonline.de/ten-years-after-tickets-dortmund.html?
19.02 until 23.02.2015 USA-FLORIDA - Rock Legends Cruise III


07.01.2015 D-ASCHAFFENBURG, Colosaal
08.01.2015 D-NÜRNBERG, Hirsch
09.01.2015 D-SIEGBURG, Kubana - Photos
15.01.2015 D-WUPPERTAL, LCB
17.01.2015 D-MEMMINGEN, Kaminwerk
18.01.2015 D-MÜNCHEN, Muffathalle
21.01.2015 A-RANKWEIL, Altes Kino
22.01.2015 CH-SOLOTHURN, Kufa Kofmehl
23.01.2015 D-REGENSBURG, Alte Mälzerei


09.05.2014 D-AFFALTER - Zur Linde
10.05.2014 D-LAUFEN - Salzachhalle
24.05.2014 D-KÖLN - Harley Dome - Photos
30.05.2014 D-HALLE/SAALE - Händelsche Halle
04.06.2014 CH-RUBIGEN - Mühle Hunziken - Photos
25.07.2014 FI-AANEKOSKI - Keitelejazzfestival - Photos
26.07.2014 D-TUTTLINGEN - Honberg-Sommer
27.07.2014 L-BEAUFORT - Château de Beaufort Rock Classics - Photos
31.07.2014 CH-ROMANSHORN - Sommernachtsfest
9.08.2014 D-FRIEDRICHSHAFEN - Kulturufer
11.10.2014 A-TERNITZ - Stadthalle
31.10.2014 >DK-HORSENS - Horsens Teater A/S Teatertorvet DK-8700 - Photos
07.11.2014 D-INGOLSTADT - Eventhalle Westpark
08.11.2014 CH-PRATTELN - Z7

Ten Years After

March 2014

Hi everyone, and welcome to Ten Years After’s new official website. Chick and I finally organised the new TYA line-up and boy, is it amazing! We’ve been rehearsing solidly for the last few weeks with Marcus and Colin, who, apart from being tremendous musicians, are really good guys and we know we’re going to have a lot of fun when we hit the road in May.

We’ve delved deep into the TYA back catalogue and are really enjoying ourselves doing some of the songs that many of you have requested over the years that we somehow never got around to playing. Tracks like I Say Yeah, Standing At The Station, Gonna Run, Nowhere To Run and Sugar The Road.

Not only is Marcus a fabulous singer, he plays terrific guitar, slide guitar and a mean harmonica, so the new band is very fresh and still retains the TYA high energy.

At the end of March we’re recording and filming some clips for the website to give you an idea of how we look and sound, so keep checking here.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all again soon and hope you like what we’re doing and will continue to support us as loyally and with the same enthusiasm as you always have in the past.
All the very best

Chick & Ric

Ten Years After



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'Woodstock: Music From The Original Soundtrack'
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